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Getting Down to Six Flags Weight!

It's sad to say but I'm saying it: Six Flags is not for fat people.

I hate that word, but that is how I felt the last time I was there: FAT.

Huge, ginormous, disgusting, ridiculously...FAT.

The rides are just all so small, or maybe I was just too big.
Everything I wanted to get on was such a challenge.
If I fit, I barely fit, and if I didn't fit, I was given a ticket for another ride that had "larger seats".

Who said I wanted to fit in a larger seat?

It was so embarassing feeling like the ride operators had to struggle to secure my seat.

Gosh I hate reliving those memories.

I was sad and big and wanted to leave that amusement park because I wasn't amused at all!


I'm down 44.5 pounds and almost at Six Flags weight, or at least the weight I feel will keep me from being embarassed while trying to get on the rides.

I made a promise, to get down to Six Flags weight so I could attend Fright Fest...see you there if you're going! ;)

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