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Viva My Vegas!

(View of the Vegas strip)

This birthday was so special because I was whisked away (literally) to a 4 day/3 night vacation in Vegas.

I had no idea where I was going until I got to PHL, and all my screams had to be held in so I didn't embarass myself. Lol.

Can I just say that Vegas is everything and more that you've seen on television?

Let me first deal with all the legends of Vegas:

1. The Buffets:

I was staying at the Rio which has been rumored as having the best buffets in Vegas! Trust me, they definitely did not disappoint! I only got to try 1 of the 2 they offered but let me just was so absolutely delicious! At the Carnival World Buffet, the prime rib melted in my mouth, the churros were absolutely perfect, they had tiramisu gelato which was to die, and their pomegranate martinis were exceptional. Can I just say I said it best when it was like God himself was working in the kitchen- no joke. Whoevers hands were preparing the food in that buffet were extremely blessed with a gift because that has got to be some of the best food I've ever had. We did get the chance to scoot over to Planet Hollywood's Spice Market Buffet and their creme brulee was something of a dream. Clouds of gently whipped yolk and cream. Wowzers I say, wowzers! And best of all they have an awesome deal where you can get a 24 hour unlimited buffet pass for $40! 7 buffets were included and you could eat as many times as you want. Obviously I only ate about 4 times on my pass and was stuffed but boy oh boy did ever bite surpass the buffet's actual value! It was a foodie and food lover's paradise, and since I fit in both categories, I'm gushing over it!

2. The Strip:

-is absolutely gorgeous. Let every boardwalk you've ever been on fall back and make way for the Vegas strip. I don't think I've seen that many hotels in the same vicinity in my life. From the beautiful water shows at the Belaggio, to the Eiffel Tower replica and Paris Hotel, to the Brooklyn bridge at New York New York Hotel, the scenery could last you a lifetime. Minus the plethora of ads for local prostitution (don't take those little cards they try and hand you on the strip), the strip was something beautiful that I will remember forever.

3. The Shows:

I only got to see one- Zumanity: The Sensual Side of Cirque de Soleil, but wow, just WOW! Beautiful costumes, amazing stunts, wonderful live music, sensuality intertwined ever so delicately with humor-just don't bring your kids...they don't belong here! But can I just say out of all the shows I've been too (and I've been to quite a plenty), that was probably one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen. When I go back I plan on seeing the Jabbawockeez. That show looks major and if its anything as mystical and wonderful as Zumanity, I'm sure to remember it forever as well.

4. The Nightlife:

I can't say I experienced much of this, but I can say every drink I had was so major that crawling out of my bed by the night time was almost impossible. My nights ended around 11 or 12, which is early, but since I was up at 8 am, I didn't miss a beat. Next time, I'm hoping to not be so jet-lagged and party it up more but I saw no reason to put pressure on myself and got drunk during the daytime and filled my nights with getting fat at the buffet and relaxing. Trust me, it was wonderful! Lol

So there you have my brief synopsis of what everyone thinks is wonderful about Vegas and the truth is, IT IS! Vegas is probably everything I dreamed of so in the next series of blogs I will break down my day to day and tell you all the other awesome experiences I had in Sin City!

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