This is compilation of my deeepest thoughts, my shallowest thoughts, my life, and my enlightenment.

A Poet's In The Corner: I haven't written poetry in awhile but let's call this...Stealthy

Standing in the corner,
Looking out on a sea of regret.

A sea I always met in shame.

Gotta protect,
The name

The game
Burned me
Burdened me

Unexpectedly grounded by
The lies I told
To keep you safe

Keep me sane
Hide your shame
Protect you from disdain
And remain, unembarrassed by

My constant resentment of your actions.

What a stupid, lousy, no-good
The list goes on forever

I can't protect you forever
I gotta have my own back

I'm open.
Openly accepting your disrespect in my orifices,

Don't speak it or explain it
But conceal it in my crevices,

They overlap and hide thee

You got off easy and it burns me.

I try to speak of it,
Than louder than before

Then I scream and wail and shout my dismay,
Empty out all the tears I held for your circumstances

Hold onto my stance on the circumstances,
Romance myself into something else

Pac-ify my life into life.

Hope I can work through the strife

They stare at me mouth open and pointing
"You liar, you're lying,

She'd never do that...
Never capable of... "

I could show you over and over again.

Not her you keep saying.

Don't got the frequency for what I'm relaying?

F**k it, back to the drawing board, I'm bored with it.

Keep being reckless and hiding it.

I'm over it, because its all over me...

And talking to you never helped me breath...

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