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My Weight Loss Journey: How People Compliment

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What people don't realize is potentially damaging to your former self-consciousness is the way some of their compliments are structured. If structured in a somewhat damaging way, that compliment turns from something sweet to an insult to the "fat" girl that is still inside you.

A lot don't realize how much of a battle it is to keep that girl at bay. How I know I salivate at the thoughts of eating every culmination of junk I can get my hands on. But the key point to the lifestyle change is that you must hold back those unhealthy urges and replace them with healthy ones.

Back to the compliments...
So since I'm down somewhere around 57 pounds, it has become more and more noticeable that I'm losing weight (which is exciting and uncomfortable at the same time). I get tons of great compliments like "how much have you loss so far, you look great" and one of my favorites, "skinny", but some compliments have a distinct edge to them that hurts my delicate feelings.

A co-worker of mine said to me- "look at you, you got some hips now!" And in my brain, my sensitive feelings said, "when the hell didn't I have hips?" I must say that at any size, I was a girl with a great shape, and I can't believe that someone would try and say something like that without thinking twice.

There are 2 things that scare me when it comes to losing weight:
1. Never being skinny enough (and still being considered fat),
2. Gaining the weight back to other's disappointment (meaning, the insults will start all over again).

My thoughts are: will I go back to being fat again, and if I do...will I "not have hips" then?

So the moral of this story is: the things you say can ring in people's ears forever, so don't say something that can be damaging to my current, former, and potentially but hopefully never future-self.


  1. I get this. I said stuff as a thinner person that in retrospect was thoughtless, tactless, and crass but well-intentioned. I do call people "skinny" as in *hey, skinny* to those who have shared their own weight loss journeys with me.

    (and, a wag of the finger to the *hips* *co-worker*, body parts do not appear and disappear with weight loss/gain and colleagues need to steer clear of body part related remarks.)

    (Yeah, I said it.)

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