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Fitness Ventures: Belly Dance

I get extremely bored with working out. Probably because deep down I'm not interested.

I much rather be at the state fair eating funnel

But, since I do have my interests in being healthy, I take it upon myself to find fun ways to work out.  I've tried yoga, walking workouts, and running outdoors, but without a mash-up of many things, I get very bored.

Hence I try: belly dancing.

The yoga studio that I frequented the end of last year was known for their belly dancing.  I've always wanted to try it, but was so much on my "yoga trip" that I decided to save that for later.

Later is now.

After a light lunch at the Belgian Cafe (who has delicious fries with an equally delicious mayo dip, btw), we traveled about 4 blocks and went to Studio1831. They had a great Living Social deal not too long ago, so the class was relatively full for a Thursday night.  We all got lined up with our cute little sashes (which they loan out to you during the class), and began shaking our hips like Shakira. Lol.

I definitely need to work on my stomach undulations, but besides that I think I did pretty well. Elsa said I looked pretty good during the class in which I said, "Like I always say, fake it til you make it!"

Lol. Def should try out belly dancing if you were thinking about it, and if you are in the Philadelphia Area, Studio1831 has awesome classes to try this out!

Check out for more info on their classes, and check out their performance here (c/o!

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