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Laundry Time: Breaking All the Rules

It's hilarious that things like reading instructions have become so unorthodox to some people in our society. Instant gratification has brain washed a lot of us to do things the fastest way possible.

I have found that menial tasks like washing laundry, have even become exposed to this way of thinking.

I ain't gonna lie, I've jacked up my fair share of my own clothing

I've been told many times that "You're so smart, you're stupid". I simply laugh but I definitely know what they mean.  They are saying that even though I have two bachelors degreees, can beat an average person in a game of Scrapple, and can help children in almost any grade with their math homework, that I lack much common sense.

I get it, it happens that I really overthink things most times and that I actually am very smart, but consider too many options when posed with an issue.

I must admit that laundry time used to not be one of those "thinking times".

When mom showed me how to sort colored, whites, and darks, I thought it was as simple as that.  I didn't realize that some garments just couldn't tolerate what I thought of as normal treatment, and instead needed a little extra attention.

Whether it be "line dry" or "wash inside out" or "tumble dry low"...I just couldn't understand why my clothes couldn't hold up to a wash.

This was simply because: I wasn't reading the instructions!
Gasp...surprise! I am so frickin silly sometimes.  Cheers to the intelligent!

And if you really are having some trouble washing like me...just follow the instructions on this tag:
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