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Got to Grab All my Purple Life!

Patrice of rocking All My Purple Life
Photo c/o
Clearly a beauty genius!!!!!

 So excited about grabbing 2 tubes of All My Purple Life from the MAC Blogger's Obsession Collection that went on sale as of June 21.  When Patrice of Afrobella gave the beauty and fashion world the scoop on the collection, I was more than ecstatic to get me a piece of the action.

Feeling as though my ship has sailed, I gave it a try and low and behold...there are still some tubes available! The beauty gods do love me after all! Needless to say, I'm excited to own such an original and gorgeous color! I'll snap a few pics (if and when I remember)! Ciao!


  1. I read about this just the other day in Essence! I love the color and need it in my life! Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments! Kiah

  2. Thanks Kiah! And the color is beautiful...I hope you got to grab it before it sold out!