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Fashion Finds: Philadelphia Flea Market

The Philadelphia Flea Market is a gem I stumbled upon after following a slew of my favorite fashion bloggers and being jealous of their thifty finds.  After doing a quick Google search, I found the Philadelphia Flea Market at  They have a few different locations, and their flea markets are all summer and fall long!

The particular flea market I attended was on Saturday, September 10th, at 22nd and Fairmount surrouding the Eastern State Penitentiary.  Boy, were there a ton of vendors!  I walked up to 22nd Street basically in awe of the number of vendors that participated.  The local community also joined in and were selling a few of their own pieces in front of their homes.

I stopped by a bunch of cool places and learned a ton of interesting historical facts.  I looked out for a ton of great items like genuine leather handbags and envelope clutches and even some funky jewelry!

After a long, long, long walk around 3 blocks of vendors (and that wasn't even all of them), I decided on these items.

A couple of gorgeous scarves that were only $1 a piece...

Can't wait to do some turbans with these!

And 3 funky pairs of earrings that were also $1 a pair.

The ones on the far left are such a gem, I know no one else will have them!

I also had my eye on a leather crossbody satchel, which I didn't end up getting, and some really cute clip-ons, that I was too tired to walk back for.

After I grabbed a bite at Little Pete's Diner and had a delicious chicken burger (yummmm) with all the fixings!

A cozy dining experience at Little Pete's (c/o Yelp!)
If I were you, I'd definitely plan to make a journey to the Philadelphia Flea when you get a chance.  They have a ton of dates planned and they even have an indoor market for the winter!  Maybe I'll see you there! :)

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