This is compilation of my deeepest thoughts, my shallowest thoughts, my life, and my enlightenment.


Don't talk to me about nappy hair.
Because when you compare it to Brilo pads, and broken combs,
I think you need to know the other half of this.

Don't tell me I can "train it", or just "slap a perm in it"
Because that's complete bullsh*t.

Take the same time you'd take to sit in the hair salon,
To figure out the sh*t that grows out of your own head.

And after you come to some type of understanding,
Still try to tell me it's harder than paying $300 to install a weave of hair
That cost $150 to own, but was never truly yours.

I ain't knocking it,
But don't try and tell me something derived from Eureopean heritage
And adopted by us,
Is the only way to live.

Let me breathe and be my own me.
Don't act like we only have one option,
Which is to accept the traditions of days past.

We all should have the freedom to choose,
By putting down our pressing combs and relaxer kits.
Because natural hair should not be losing.

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