This is compilation of my deeepest thoughts, my shallowest thoughts, my life, and my enlightenment.

A Poet's In the Corner: Be Damned Unpretty...

He kept telling me I wasn't beautiful
Not that that's unusual
And even if the feeling wasn't mutual
It still felt brutal
He continued to be a co-conspirator, in wrecking my self esteem
Too bad every opportunity was led by me
And I could code his name so I don't deface his image
But he always ruined mine
I was like a pity f***
But was the cause of plenty inclines
And it started as a gamble
Which continued to dismantle
All the things that I thought were beautiful me
All the things that in absence led to deceiving
And I as I ran at a steady piace towards him
Through the brush
Leaving branches in my hair
And feeling crucified
I constantly sat on floors of bathrooms, thinking I'd want to die

And each friend plucked from God's good hands made me forget more and more of this man
And though my heart was empty
My body was strong
And my spirit was intuitive about things that were wrong
And I got a degree
"Look mom, no hands"
And I never failed to forget what I learned from this man
If you don't determine your own worth
Someone will do it for you,
For the rest of your life
So just drop the bullet, and pick up the mic
Poetry, it has healed many of my life's griefs
Without it, I have no idea where I would truly be

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