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Cute, no?
So, after attending a quite lovely Shecky's Girls Night Out at the Crystal Tea Room (hopefully more on that later), I got a large bag of goodies to try.  Along with a giant jar of Miss Jessie's, some vitamins, and a bunch a samples, I came across a package of hot pink press-on nails by Impress.  After seeing the commercial, and reading a few reviews, I wasn't quite sold on the fact that these nails worked, and didn't pop right off like Gina from Martin's did on that episode of Fresh Prince (lol!).

After my nail got into a terrible accident (with my razor...don't ask), I thought my birthday was the perfect time to pop these things on and take them for a test drive.

The pic above was taken 3 DAYS after I pressed these things on, and I didn't take them off until last night, which was about 6 days later! I probably could have kept them on a few days longer, but a few nails were coming loose at the cuticle, causing hair to get stuck in them when I was doing my hair (annoying!).  Removal was almost as easy as application- slide an orange wood stick or similar device under the side of the nail, and gently pull off.  My nails were in pretty decent shape after I removed the nail, and today they feel stronger and less brittle.  I would say that's the result of the protection from the fake nail covering my real one.

I got loads of compliments, and all my girlfriends could not believe they were press-ons! Give them a try and see if you get similar results!

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