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A Curly Girl's: Advice on "Taming" Your Curls

See that's the thing...

Although I get it. Many people want perfectly manicured, every strand in place, looks like a professional did it- hair...but most people don't have that growing out their head.

Going and being natural is truly an experimental process, until you find what works for you.
And that may not always be hair that stays perfectly in place.

As you get to know your hair, and become more comfortable in your skin, you may realize that your hair can look perfectly presentable, without being perfect.

Case in point, the "long hair...big hair...blah blah hair...don't care" revolution.

Although there are some times when I like a more polished look (i.e. job interviews, career fair, important meetings, etc.), most of the time (like 75%), I am perfectly fine with throwing my hair up in a high ponytail, throwing on a scarf, and fluffing and rocking it the next morning.

It's hard for me to give advice to other naturals sometimes, because I'm really not sure what their end goal is, and I think it's hard to have one without experimentation.

You really have to learn what your hair has the capacity to do.
Like I know I can create the meanest twist out, but my edges don't like to lay flat (and trust me...I've tried a world of things).

After trying a few types of products, I know my hair responds better to moisture that is locked in after the washing process, versus applied daily.

I know my hair thrives in drier climates, and swells and shrinks at the touch of humidity (regardless of products!).

My case in point is, you have to work with different products, be brave and try new hairstyles and routines, and see what works for you.

There really is no magic shortcut to great hair, and I really can't define what great hair is for you.

Not to say I won't offer as much support as I can in what products would be good to try, but seriously...curly hair is as different as each person in the world...

So instead of trying to get your hair to look some way you have in your head, or like some amazing woman you saw (who I'm sure truly is amazing and inspiring)...set your standards on what you've found you can accomplish.

Rock your best twist-out, wash & go, updo...etc.!
And be confident...because there are truly enough haters in this world, who will try to put you down.

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