This is compilation of my deeepest thoughts, my shallowest thoughts, my life, and my enlightenment.

A Poet's in the Corner: Intermission

In the spirit of renewal
I am drawn to your inner beast like a moth to a flame
Lit for my discovery
The reverie in me spoke so deeply that I took leaps

Leaps and bounds, salacious sounds, and mounds

Pleasure is heavy
But this reservation is just for two

Me and you in a unlit room for a rendezvous

No words, just listen
Don't speak as sweet as she sang it
I'm not the doppelgänger that was planted
So let's slip away and slip into danger

Into satin robes and sheets the color of dried blood
Let's run until we touch the sun

Touch hands, romance, and dance
Until we slip back into a world filled with demands
Continue to save that last dance, for me.

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