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A Curly Girl's: Review on Plopping

Sounds dirty doesn't it? It's not. Its just a way curly girls dry their hair!

Well for the first time ever I tried it after seeing a video by curlychronicles (I love her!) on youtube about it. Not only was her texture beautifully defined, but her hair was not dripping wet with water! Either way, I had to try it!

Plopping is basically a method that envolves washing and detangling the hair, and then wrapping it in a t-shirt or turban to let it dry for a few hours (I chose to do it overnight because otherwise my curls get all matted to my head during sleep).

When I woke up in the morning, my hair was damp, but not dripping with water, and my curls were still intact! I needed to add a little extra conditioner and do some fluffing, but besides that it was pretty awesome!

I definitely plan on trying this again, maybe with more moisture, and see what my results are. But I definitely will be trying it again!

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