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A Curly Girl's: Thoughts on Shampoo & Washing

Back in the days of yore, me and shampoo were best friends. I used it often in my former natural hair journeys to wash my hair as often as every day to accomplish what I thought would be beautiful curls and waves.

Boy was I wrong.

After washing, I noticed my hair would sigh in its residual frizziness, dryness, and lack of soft, shiny luster that I wished for.

Well after hours, days, years, of research, I have learned an amazing thing...shampoo is my enemy! Oh how I felt backstabbed in realizing what cleaned my hair was actually drying it and stealing its natural luster for life!

Well, after numerous experiments, I have discovered my new best friend: ACV or apple cider vinegar. And I know what your thinking: "Ew vinegar, why would I want that in my hair?". Well can I tell you one thing: you definitely do!

After some research, I found out that ACV (pardon my affinity for shorthand) had moisturizing properties, and is also helpful with loosening dandruff from the scalp! I already was using ACV for a once a month rinsing treatment for when I had trouble with dry scalp and dandruff, but after a little more research, I realized it was a safe and gentle way to cleanse my hair!

For the first time last night, I decided to give it a try and use it to wash my hair. I used a mixture of 1 part ACV to 8 parts water (vinegar is really strong so you can't simply put it to use with no dilution, you must add water to make it a safer substance for use!), and poured enough over my wet hair (watch your eyes!) to saturate, and rubbed my scalp. I rinsed and then repeated. Afterwards, my hair was so soft that I could comb through it without catching many tangles! And wow, can I say its the softest my hair has been without conditioner! So in short, ACV is an an awesome resource and I will be adding it to my arsenal of hair products to use on a very regular basis!

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