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My Favorite Natural Hairstyles, Go-to Hairstyles, & Hairstyles to Try

Ok. It's taken almost 2 years to do this...but I've finally found a large handful of natural styles that I love to go to anytime I want to change it up. Since I know how hard it was to find what my options were for natural hair, I've compiled them here. I think what I plan on doing is listing them and maybe taking them in depth in another series of blogs so I can accredit the proper sources and show pics, etc.

The descriptions for the following styles (and any other particular hair advice I have to give) will start with the label "A Curly Girl's..." (cute right?).

Written in no order in particular:
-Two strand twist

-Two strand twisted updo (my favorite way to wear my twists!)

-Twist out

-Curly fro (c/o Dr. Atkuri)

-Twist and curl (c/o Curly Nikki)

- the Doodling method (c/o

-the "Doodle" twistout (which is my absolute favorite favorite style of the moment!)

-The fro-hawk (my hair has gotten a little long for this, but I tried it and loved the results)/half fro-hawk (a variation that I can show and describe)

-the Bouffant (with many style variations including a ponytail and a french twist and tendrils falling down the side of my face)

-the twisted updo (so sorry I can't remember what youtube video this was!)

-the Bantu knot-out fluffy bun (c/o Curly Nikki- I haven't tried this yet but it looked so pretty!)

-Puff w/flower pin

-Wash & go w/ side part or wash& go twist out

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