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A Curly Girl's: Wash & Go/ Wash & Go Twist-out

Since these were the first photos I found, I decided to elaborate on this style first. Now I know what your thinking. A wash & go is a wash & go so what's up with the addition of the wash & go twist-out?


My hair is very soft and as someone pointed out to me yesterday: "your hair looks different every time I see you". That's because depending on how I wrap my hair up for the night, my curl pattern will be more or less defined, or will just be a wave. So as to deliniate between all these patterns, I've assigned them names to distinguish one from the next.

Now for my wash & go's, I use the method described on, and if I am using shelf products (ie. something that's not natural), her product reviews and ingredient guides are awesome tools for me to pick the safest products on the shelves. If natural products aren't as widely available to you, then that is a good place to start to find safe products for curly hair that are on the market and sold in drugstores.

Now for the wash & go:

After washing, I follow with a conditioner applied on sopping wet hair (the wetter, the easier it is to define your curls), and proceed to detangle with a comb or finger comb. Then I simply let it dry. For another lovely method for drying, you can google "plopping" and see my review on it in the blog with the same title. I like this style for when I'm in a rush and need to get going for the day. It dries to look like below. I think the Phanatic liked it...right? Lol anyway...

The wash & go with a twist out simply serves to preserve the style while taming some of the frizzy bits I couldn't get to the conditioner with. All I do is take medium to large parts and gently twist the hair and seal it with my fingertips (I just hold it a second). Then all I do is scarf it up. Then in the morning, I undo the twists, separate and massage the parts, and fluff. This just helps to preserve the style but also polishes it a little because all the curls that were not defined lay down a little bit and get with the curly program! This comes out as shown below, and was actually acheived from the wash & go from the first photo. See how my hair kinda stretched a little? I also oil the sections a little before twisting if needed because my ends tend to get dry.

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