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Thinking "Slim": My Droopy Butt Skinny Jeans

Ok, I know. Not the most savory title.
But all I have to say is I'm estatic about this.

So I'm walking down the street with my friend and walking partner, Erica, chatting as we get off the train and head to work. I am wearing an old pair of favorites: some skinny jeans I wore often last year until I could no longer button them, even laying down. About 2 months ago I realized they fit when I was rushing to prepare for work, put them on, and didn't realize until I got on the subway that I wasn't sporting my old 22's, but my old trusty 18's that I cherished so dearly.

Can I just say I was ready to scream?

Anyways, so I am walking down the street and realize, these jeans are no way near as snug as they previously were! My jeans actually have a little sag in the rump!

Ok, I know, I know. Sag in the rump is not cool and I needed a belt, but this is a great breakthrough! Not only was I able to fit in my old jeans, but I was actually able to have a little room in them!

31.9 pounds later and I am feeling so awesome!

Those skinny jeans may have been my old faithfuls, but I can't say I'm less than estatic to buy a smaller pair!

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