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Steppin' Out on SEPTA: Flashed & Mobbed

I've told this story a million times, so I'm going to tell it one more time here, and pass it on!

So, I was off to meet one of my very good friends, Elsa, for a drink after a long, hard week at work at this awesome lounge in Center City, Vango. It was extremely cool in there, very intimate and chill, and the drink I had was awesome!

But, all I have to say is, getting down there was quite a chore.

I live pretty far down on the Broad Street Line (the subway, if you're not from the area), and I hopped on knowing it would take 20 min for me to get downtown. I called Elsa right before I got on so we could meet up around the same time at the lounge.

At the next stop, we were sitting for 3 minutes. In train time, that's a a long time to just open the doors to let people off. I looked around wondering what was going on, but once we moved I sat back and returned to my Ipod. At the next stop and all stops following it was the same deal and my 20 minute ride was almost doubling due to the delay it took to close the door. Finally after 5 stops, we stopped for good and my train was out of service.

Now this has happened before. The train had broken down or there were signaling problems, and I had to press pause on my whole day. This is not what happened at all.

Everyone got off the train, got back on thinking things we're ok again, and then got back off. The second time I got off I was annoyed, so I asked some ladies (which is outta character, since I usually stay to myself) standing by the door what was going on.

They began to explain to me that a flash mob of teenagers was on the train, causing issues by standing in the doorways, and preventing the doors from closing. The train stopped so the "authorities" could check on the train, and possibly let the flash mob move on with their nonsense.

Luckily, the longer we waited, the more kids hopped off the train. A large group of teenage girls walked by telling me (in my own mind) before I even spoke with the ladies that there was trouble.

We commenced on discussing what the hell was wrong with the youth in our city.

Here's my opinion:
My first question is: where are the parents? I could never get away with anything close to acting a darn fool anywhere because my parents had me in check, and they didn't play that. Second, what possessed you to think this is cool? Like what's so fun about terrorizing people?, and in large groups?

I could really go on and on with how I feel but I'm exhausted with all of this nonsense. I just hope I don't get caught up in this mess again (God-willing), because I'm not beat.

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