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The Tightest Hottest Mini-Skirt, I've ever Owned

So, I went to Old Navy not too long ago just to peruse the aisles and see if they had anything good cuz I haven't been shopping in awhile.

I'm down 39.5 lbs and I thought it'd be interesting to see what I could slide up into, that and I think I had something cool to go do with my friends. So, I'm walking around the store, and the only things that stood out to me were some awesome denim leggings, and a couple skirts that were hanging around the same area.

I grabbed a skirt in a larger size and a mini-skirt in a smaller size. I realize that the mini-skirt may not fit, but I wanted to see how far along I've come with my weight loss progress.

First I tried on the skirt which was a size 20. I knew it was very possible that it was too big, but there was definitely a point where this skirt would of fit pretty snug so I gave it a try.

Now, since I was so eager to try on this mini, I tried that first.

I held up the skirt and looked at it, it was pretty small to me. I proceeded to try and hike it up anyways.

I put both thighs in and when I realized the skirt was sliding up my legs, I got so excited! I managed to pull it up over my hips and give it a zip...I was wearing a size 16 for the first time since high school. Granted the skirt was a little tight, but that was ok because I managed to put it on in the first place. I put the denim leggings to the side to purchase in the fall (didn't wanna get too crazy during my shopping experience), and bought my new skirt.

I am so excited to wear it after I lose a few more pounds.

Yay me!

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