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My New Nighttime Regimen

Ok, I'll admit it right here: I used to not brush my teeth before I went to bed. It wasn't because I didn't realize the benefits, it was because I'm kinda lazy. I admitted it. I'm a low maintenance girly girl, and even though I love everything that sparkles, high maintenance upkeep is not my cup 'o tea. This of course is not high maintenance, but just wasn't found necessary by yours truly.

Well, over the years I've become more and more unhappy with my teeth. After a child at the tutoring center I work at on occassion was mean and said my teeth look like butter (its ok you can laugh at that junior a-hole, I love kids but c'mon), I've started to reanalyze my dental health.

The last time I went to the dentist (I'm in love with my new dentist! He is the most gentle and funny dentist I've ever had, and he doesn't make me feel insecure when it comes to my dentition like my last dentist), I was sent away with a clean bill of health except some crowding issues I was aware of. Although this was the case, I still knew deep inside that I didn't like the appearance of my teeth.

I've tried whitening trays and paste, and those only seem to be temporary, but who knew adding a second brushing would be so beneficial.

Go ahead, say it: "duh!" Lol.

So I am proud to say that after a week of brushing before bed, my teeth already are lightening and I am off to a as-close-to-white-as-I-can-get smile. Woo hoo!

As a side note, I also started washing my face before bed (which also wasn't customary), and my skin is a lot less oily and has a lot less redness. I mean I like my little glow I be havin' goin' on but fa reals, it makes blush obselete in some of the worst ways on occasion.

So, I'm thinking this an easy new routine I've developed that will really help in my overall health!

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