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My love for Sushi

I am a self-proclaimed foodie, and with my wealth of culinary knowledge, I have gone out and tried a-many a new thing. I'm one of those cooks who will be quick to give you advice on your techniques, and for your future reference, will give you a full explanation why.

I'm in no means saying I'm an expert. I'm just saying that when you spend every Saturday enjoying the cooking shows on The Food Network, you learn a lot of stuff you didn't know, and a lot of tricks and tips that make a ton of sense.

Now I have no idea when I first tried sushi. For some reason I can't remember that wonderful experience I had when I picked up my first maki roll and went to town. All I know is that now, I cannot live without it!

It seems like sushi almost has a cult following.

Everyone who I knows that loves it, craves it constantly. Everyone that's not too well-versed in it just asks, "Why would you eat raw fish?". If you know what I know, its a whole lot deeper than that!

There's good sushi and bad sushi. But good sushi-that is a whole 'nother awesome story!

There's something about when the sushi rice has that perfect bite, and the fish is fresh and flavorful, and the sauce (if there is one) is perfectly sweet or salty or even spicy. Let me just say I'm salivating.

I can't wait to grab some with my sister this weekend.

Sushi and wine...sounds like the perfect girl's night out! :)

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