This is compilation of my deeepest thoughts, my shallowest thoughts, my life, and my enlightenment.

The Realist

I think I've managed to evolve into the real me
Over time
A decade's time
Restless teenager whines into womanhood
Struggling through unbeaten paths blindly
Sitting in untraveled meadows with your head down and you heart up
Hard up

Deaf down
Duck down
Look around
Its all beauty

Is that light on the horizon?
Do I feel enlightened on the horizon?

The hair lightly gracing my back and shoulders
The curves have all fallen into place

The curve of my lips turn into a smile
Freeze forever in time
Reflect off my heart
And die

Dive down into untraveled waters still
Brought my scuba gear here

Not sure where I'm traveling yet
But believe I'm prepared as I'm going to be

Eloquently speaking
Speaking into existence
All my intelligence
It melts into life
Sticky on the surface but still lickable off my fingers

I can taste it
This wealth of experience
Just a mere entrance
Into that folklore that is past the present

Dipping into the future with blindfolds on and arms raised
"Don't arrest me officer, I'm innocent"
I don't think I understand yet
But I comprehend
What needs to be done here

Keep trekking through those untraveled waters
But my body's still wet.

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