This is compilation of my deeepest thoughts, my shallowest thoughts, my life, and my enlightenment.

One of The Things I Do: I Draw

Not too long ago, I took the time to talk out what I'm good at.  Not to prove it to anyone, but to help myself understand why I'm not willing to pin myself down to any one thing.

I want to do everything.

To experience life all the ways I've ever enjoyed experiencing it.
To "Eat, Pray, Love", photograph, cook, dance, sing, draw, create, and travel.

To have my "perfect" life.

Each day this blog evolves, I express myself in new ways.

I cook, crochet, write poetry, and talk about my hair- all things that are important to me at this moment.

But there is a lot more to me than even that.
What I haven't shown yet is my sketching skills.

I love to draw.
Its something I'm very passionate about that I often forget.

Sadly, my former interests in photography were diverted when I went to college for pre-med and discovered "The Real World" as I never knew it.

Too bad I didn't realize earlier that I never wanted to be a doctor.

Well since that doesn't matter anymore, I've found myself lost but a lot happier.  Since photography and drawing both capture images, I decided to show you what I've done.

My talents have often proven to be secrets to many people, but now as I'm becoming more comfortable in my skin, I'm learning to express myself in ways I haven't felt comfortable before.

I stopped thinking that it mattered that I wanted to impress someone, when what mattered was that I wanted to express myself.

I wouldn't go as far to say I am an artist or photographer, but I love capturing shapes, and life and moments.  It makes me happy. To see life expressed exactly how I feel it is at that moment, something is powerful about that.

The whole me, the real me, the one that lives this life right now.

A good friend once said that the problem with working to make ends meet is that you lose yourself in that.

You lose what was important to you because your busy working for what's important to "everyone else".
Cars, money, jobs, fame, fortune-it doesn't mean sh*t without a purpose.
Not the ideal purpose. But your real purpose. The one that makes you smile, makes you happy, makes you smile in knowing that you did what you've always wanted to do.

Here's a part of me that I'll share with you: I love cherry blossoms. I always have, but I loved them more when my grandmother passed. Her favorite tree was the cherry blossom tree that stood proudly in front our home on Conestoga Rd.

My inspiration:


Sketch: In pencil, by ACNimmons
Inverted: To show the lines more explicitly

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