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She Cooks: Cucumber & Tomato Salad with Sweet Potatoes and Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

My days in are lovely.
If my kitchen is stocked, it is accompanied by many homemade meals and creative thinking.
I started the day with a leftover biscuit, toasted with jelly and a one egg-egg white broccoli omelette with cheese.
For lunch, I took queues from the produce man and made a delicious salad filled with chicken, black beans, cucmbers, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, a little shredded cheese and honey mustard dressing. Delicious, just like a Honey Mustard wrap without that tortilla getting in the way.
For snack, I tried something new. Baked apple with butter, cinnamon, oats, vanilla, and a little Equal. Sliced up the apple, mixed it with the spices in a bowl, nuked it for 3.5 minutes and enjoyed! The oats make everything nice and thickened so there's a little sauce. Mmmm. Then I got nibbly and had another biscuit and a tbsp of peanut butter.
(Sorry no pics of the earlier stuff...)
Well its come time for dinner, and since I was still inspired by my produce market purchases, I decided to use some more fresh produce for dinner (and in case you were wondering, I bought everything above and more for $8, meaning I had enough for 3 salads, dinner, and my local produce man!).
I decided to toss cucumbers and tomatoes in a simple balsamic vinager with a little salt and pepper.
Next I decided to have honey mustard with chicken again (so good!), this time on chicken wings.
I freestyle my spices usually but here's what I used:

I love sweet and spicy things so hence the chili powder. I threw some paprika on the tops because that helps everyone in the party brown.
I hate cleaning up sticky mess from oven-baking, so all oven cooking is accompanied by aluminum foil, lol.
Then I decided to take the sweet potatoes I've been craving and roast them tossed with the spices below.
Everything on a pan lined with aluminum and in the oven @ 400 degrees. Here's what it looked like once I was done:
My cucumber salad sat marinating in the oven as I waited for my chicken and potatoes to be done.
Here's what it looked like as I took it out the oven:

I will blog next about how it turned out (yes, a lot of my cooking is experimental!).

Update (10/28/10): The meal was lovely (sorry I'm so late responding lol). The chicken was sweet and crispy, and the potatoes were yummy and delicately sweetened. The cucumber salad was crisp and well seasoned. I definitely plan on making this again!

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