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Fashion Finds: Forever 21+

Me, after receiving this package in the mail
Even though I've been dieting I hate that word for a while now, I'm still a hot, curvy girl (and with pounds and pounds of weight loss...that is one thing that will not change).

Last year, a friend and my fashionista sister both put me D with Forever 21+. The clothes update almost daily, and I finally got the gift card I was hoping for for Christmas to try it out.

Well after many days of peeping the fashions, I decided to pick some things out to try...

And I LOVE them! Their sizing is very inches. DO NOT pay attention to their numeric sizing! I purchased 2 tops and a pair of leggings in a 1X, which is listed as a 13-14, and all my seletions fit perfectly. I'm usually about a 16-18 in most clothing. I took a minute to compare their sizing with brands I usually shop at, and their sizing information in inches was on par with my normal size. (So don't think YOU can't shop there...if my math and research was done correctly, they go up to about a size 22!)

Here's what I got:

Sequin Butterfly Poncho:
So I decided if I was going to try this amazingly trendy franchise, I would try something that was extremely fabulous and wonderful for a fancy night out.  The minute I saw this little number, I knew I had to have it said the girl who is addicted to all that!  The fit was nice and not too long, and I thought this top would lend itself beautifully to a cute pair of colored leggings (which I also grabbed in purple from Forever 21+ for $5.80!), or my cute satin pencil skirt for a hot night out. And at $19.80, this number was definitely in my budget.

Sheer Studded Button-Up:
Full frontal shot
The sheerness of the fabric.

This deliciously taupey number was picked out after much going back and forth with my boyfriend. I originally picked out a hot, silky leopard tank but he said it was better suited for the's ok, I'm flexible.  I'm glad we could agree on this because I love it! It is very sheer, and when I tried it on, you can see my pink bra showing through the fabric in the pic above (fun...but no, lol).  I thought this is a great little neutral top to mix with other neutrals, and it will look great in the spring with some white shorts and some really cute sandals.  For the winter, it lends itself to a 3/4 sleeve top and a warm fur vest (which I wish I For now, it hangs in all its glory, waiting for a winter warm-up. At $24.80, another great find!

Although styles are updated daily, snag up the ones you think are hot because the styles at Forever 21+ don't last long.  All you lovely, plus-sized ladies are snatching up the hotness with a vengeance so stop reading this and get 'chu some!

Visit and click on the link for Forever 21+. Like I said the styles go really fast and my items are no longer available, so find yourself something you like and grab it quick!

This is an unpaid review and I received no compensation for presenting the aforementioned information.

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  1. You look beautiful and I am glad to see that cute shop has cool stuff in my size (18/20 at the moment)!