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Trends 2 Try: Spring Fashion- Pt. 1

I've been working on this blog for like two weeks and decided to share it with you, anyways.  I have been so busy that it isn't quite finished but I would still like to share my input before someone snags it from me!! lol j/k
Part 2 will include the items from my own closet that have inspried me to take part in these trends...enjoy!

Here are some designers and trends that have inspired me for the upcoming season (c/o Elle's March 2011 issue, & the many blogs that have so graciously helped me stay in tune with NY/London/Milan Fashion Week!):

Dior's Tropical Palm Frawn:
Out of a delicious spread that makes me ache for summer by Dior, I saw that beautiful tropical  prints were in again for the Spring season.  The spread reminded me specifically of a tank I had that was cream with olive-colored palm frawns. 

Although the piece isn't high fashion and is very understated, the print is actually spot on and I think I could rock it with some cute khaki skinny cargos and wedge sandals to create a more put-together look.

Gucci's Bold Saturated Jewel Tones:
On the cover of Elle magazine (March 2011), Katy Perry is rocking a gloriously colorful look c/o Gucci, and I can't help but salivate at how the bold colors dance so sophisticatedly together in her cover photo, as well as, in the Gucci ad in Elle. 
The items I have in mind may not have the same inpact by themselves, but I think I could have a lot more fun mixing these deep-hued and bold colored selections with equally impactful pieces in my daily wardrobe.

Vera Wang's Asian-Insprired Florals:
I love all kinds of Asian offerings: clean lines, deep reds, sophisticated black, hand-carved mahogany,  cherry blossoms, and sushi...lots and lots of sushi; but I digress.  One of the hot trends that Vera Wang is showcasing this season is Asian-inspired prints in gorgeous drapey silohuettes. Elle artfully calls it, "Chow, Baby". lol.
I have a gorgeous maxi dress that has beautiful flowers and sharp, clean lines. Although the floral design is not inherently Asian, the white flowers speak to the prints that I've so admired.  I definitely plan on getting some more deliciously silky, Asian-printed pieces in my wardrobe...STAT!

Spring Florals:
Nothing says spring and summer just right like floral print, and I happen to be an avid supporter of this trend! I definitely intend on scooping up a few new items, but what I have so far is a cute, white, floral top and some cute flower pins that spruce up an otherwise boring piece.

Needless to say, I can't wait for spring!


  1. Love this post!!!Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm LOVING Gucci's jewel tones!