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All That I Can Say...

Have you ever wanted or thought of something to say that seemed so important and it suddenly became meaningless?

Like talking to a long lost friend or closure with an ex...but honestly, what's really the point?

(By the an aside...have you ever thought you could hear a stare?...This man just looked at me mad confused and appalled. can bite me!)

I think it helps you believe you've diminished your part in the experience...

Like explaining your realizations makes something better about the situation.

But would you dig a knife into an old wound?

As much as I've wanted to rationalize things for the person previously affected, the more I've realized that that's one of the dumbest thoughts I've ever had.

Like why turn around and act like saying something changes everything?
Instead it gives the person their power back.

And isn't the opposite why you let that relationship go in the first place?

All an explanation does is erase everything you've done to let things go.

So if you ever have that stray thought, and feel regret, just remember that you may be better without them.

And on the rare occasion you're not, think about it long and hard before you do something else you starting a relationship that ended like it already was supposed to.

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