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101th Post: Updates and Easter Sunday

Summer lovin' ;)

My classes are almost over, so I might have time to do some more blogging.  I'll try my best although I really plan on picking up all the activities I had to drop like walking and applying to teacher certification programs.

All and all, I'm pretty happy.

I've added some pictures.  
Busy, busy, busy.

C'est la vie.

My oh so cute younger almost twin sister (we're 8 years apart), at Dave& Buster's...she won 1000 tickets on the Wheel of Fortune. Cute and what a fun Saturday!

Hung with my mom on Easter Sunday.  We barbequed and sweated to the death playing Michael Jackson:The Experience on Wii.! She loves that Diamond (our revered pet dog lol)

Teasing my dad while he takes a pic of my sister driving...I wish every day could be this fun...

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