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Alexander McQueen: The Exhibit of Dreams

Sorry I rhythmed...but there was something so eerily elegant and drop-dead gorgeous about the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

When my sister expressed that she'd like to shop in New York for her birthday, I excitedly expressed my interest in Alexander McQueen's exhibit "Savage Beauty".  His name wasn't really ringing any bells for my 17-year-old sister, but all I had to do was utter the word "Gaga", and she knew who he was.

For me, McQueen was a brilliant artist.  His creations spoke volumes about his creative genius.  His collections contained no gimmicks, and instead were full of extremely well calculated moves.  Each runway clip I've seen (ooooh, how I would of loved to see a McQueen runway show...) has a truly captivating, show-stopping, attention-getting, theatrical quality.

I was so sad to find that we could not take pictures of the 120 pieces showcased at the museum since many of them were on loan from other collections, but trust me, it's an experience you won't forget.

On a less seriously enthralled by beauty note...since I couldn't get the goods from the's a couple fun snaps from the day...

In this cute neighborhood near 86th St station
On our way to museum
(I'm on the right)

My three sisters and my youngest sister's friend Sienna waiting to get in the exhibit!

The tres hermanas...Tash, Me, and Sharon
As you can see...we are all estactic after coming from the museum lol
For details, check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit "Savage Beauty"

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