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A Curly Girl's: Twist-Out Inspired by Curlychronicles

I'm sure she doesn't know it, but one of my staple styles was inspired by Curlychronicles of Youtube fame. She helped me master a lot of things about my hair, and her drying video was a life saver. No longer would I walk the Philly streets with frizzy half set hair.

Watch the video here.

For me, this video solved the riddle of wet hair. This method ensures dry sets, and is also very successful for my wash and go's.

Wash & Go- Air Dry
Here's how I do my signature style:
As she said, I twist my hair and let it dry for about 45 minutes (if I have the time), or until I'm ready to run out the door. This helps cut down my drying time, and ensures an untangled mane of hair after drying. I then retwist at night or pineapple (add hyperlink) my hair and fluff in the morning for a style that can last about 4 days!

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