This is compilation of my deeepest thoughts, my shallowest thoughts, my life, and my enlightenment.

It's Like Poetry: Waiting to Exhale...

A response to Virgin Fingertips twelve little words...

Day 9- Quickly jot down four verbs, four adjectives, and four nouns. Write a poem using all 12 words.
sweat, run, act, care
intelligently, lovingly, sassy, sexy
spider, polish, electricity, children

As the sweat dripped down my sloping forehead,
I decided to run to a place where I didn't care anymore.

A place filled with dreams and unfulfilled destinies and sweet, darling fantasies.

I was there.
And you were there, dancing lovingly on clouds full of dark black smoke in a sparkly star-tinged sky.

It was sexy to me.
The air I breathed, it was sexy to me.

And as I grazed my head upon the mountain's bosom, I sighed a sigh of relief because I know no one's listening that I don't want to.

And as my body fills with violent electricity, I polish that darkened sky red.
I make those smoky clouds blue, because that reminds me of you.

Then I remember how it felt when we were children, so carefree, and I remember this place.

So striking against a star-spangled memory.

And I exhale, a breath that comes from the depths of me.
So sassy, and simple, and sweet, just like me.

And when I walked out of there I decided to act more intelligently than before,
So I crawled out the rabbit hole with the grace of a spider.

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