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School Flash: The Effects of Racism on Education

This stack is much larger in real life, lol!
So I thought it would be interesting to share in short (because I've got to study!) the things I have found interesting during this my graduate courses throughout the semester.

A topic that I find near and dear to my heart is the effects of poverty on student education.  No, I did not grow up impoverished (and I'm well aware that was a blessing because my mother did), but I am one of the most empathetic people you have ever met.  I know it is simple to say that people can overcome their circumstances, but the simple answer to that is there is NOTHING simple about that.  Recognizing that your students have been affected by internalized racism and stereotypes, makes you that much more sensitive to their educational needs.

Read this passage written by my professor, and if you get a chance, check out the article:
As written by Dr. Christine Schwarz, Saint Joseph's University
"Related to this week's topic is this report of research explaining why African American babies have the highest infant mortality rate in the developed world.Kashef's article reveals what research has shown to be the case again and again, that the stress of racism causes even well-nourished, upper-class African American mothers to give birth to low-birthweight babies. A more recent report was aired nationally last Fall. "

Educate yourself, you'd be surprised what you can learn about life that you never would have known.

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