This is compilation of my deeepest thoughts, my shallowest thoughts, my life, and my enlightenment.

A Poet's in the Corner: Signs of Fall-ing

I can’t keep living in love’s dark forlorn shadow
Cast over by evergreen trees
And leaves tipped by the colors of autumn

I keep building this glass house with silica sand
That keeps blowing away
With the signs of your resentment

I can’t keep chasing these broken dreams with band-aids
I can’t keep these scars from bleeding without stitches

I cannot stop laughing at my stupidity
Searching in your eyes for my own validity

Pleading temporary insanity
Profanity, used heavily

I’m wealthy
Wealthy with love, and laughter, and light

A light that I will shine for the world to see

Casting out those dark, forlorn, bleak, but mystical shadows
Creeping upon the enemy

Freeing us from this cell we call the Earth
In this prison of Love

It must be abandoned
It must be castigated
Never placated

Romantically involved with the sun
The moon
The stars

Our hearts never reaching
Merely skimming the surface

Enhanced purpose
They’re just jerks to us

Oh, that’s you my friend
It’s you again?

Remove your fetal tendencies from the corners of my mind
Decline the wino’s crutch

You cry too much
Despair too much
Care too much
Grow your hair too much

Leave the leaves sun-tipped in empathy
You’re like kin to me
A sweet sin to me

My most-feared enemy
But again I see
This is the end to me.

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