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My new love for Vitamin E

Not too long along when I had my eyebrows threaded (will post a pic later!), the lady doing my brows expressed I should rub Vitamin E into my brow to preserve its thickness. Apparently my brows were thin for my age (I'm only 23), and she was mildly concerned that my brows would thin without proper care. Well, since I already had Vitamin E laying around the house from putting it on bad blemishes to soothe and burns, I thought there was no harm in taking her advice and giving it a try.

Well let me just tell you, I've found a new way to use Vitamin E that I love!

Since Vitamin E has a pretty thick texture, I've been using it to not only nourish my brows, but to keep them in place, almost like a brow gel! Vitamin E is pretty awesome because its not only assisting in my brow health, but taming my brows and fixing them in place!

I am definitely a big supporter of finding more natural and healthy ways to do things! Also, last night I rubbed some Vitamin E on my lips to treat dryness and I woke up with amazingly soft lips that were completely unchapped and gorgeous!

The most exciting thing is 1 capsule of Vitamin E goes a long way (Vitamin E comes in a clear plastic shell that can be ingested orally or punctured to use the actual Vitamin E gel)! I've used 1 capsule about 3 times on my brows and once on my lips, so Vitamin E is my new exciting and cost-effective multi-tasker! :)

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