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A Curly Girl's: Doodling Method & Doodle Twist-Out

As aforementioned (I love that word but never get the chance to use it without feeling snobby lol), my hair tends to set in about a million different ways. Since this is the case, I decided to show what it looks like when I first set my hair, and what it looks like after I sleep on it for a few days.

I must say that 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day hair always looks the best to me, but certain sets tend to look very pretty on the first day and soften with time. Doodles, which are also called a coil- out, are one of my favorite FAVORITE hairstyles! This is one of the first methods of hairstyling I learned from when I first started my natural hair journey, and is a method I still use to style my tresses.

It is a tad time consuming, so I only tend to do this style on days where I have extra time to style my hair and let it dry before going to bed. I wouldn't suggest doing this style right before bed since it can tend to smoosh to your head while your sleeping. I like to do this when I have extra time before I get ready to go out for the day, so I can let it air-dry, and then twist it before bed.

For a more extensive tutorial, read where I learned this wonderful natural's method @

I tend to start most of my styles in the front of my head so when I get tired and lazy towards the back, noone will see it lol. Anyways, after washing and conditioning with a leave in, I part out a section of hair, and pin the rest back. Depending on how big of a curl I want, I section a small piece out and starting at the root, twirl the piece gently around my finger (don't pull too hard or you'll pull out your hair!). I then drop the curl gently and proceed to section off and curl the rest of the hair in that section. It can take awhile but it is so worth it! I usually wear the style for the day, and then at night, take each section, being careful not to break any of the curls, and gently twist them together. In the morning you will be able to gently undo the twists, and separate them with your fingers. Pictures are posted below!

The Doodling Method: the result is a very defined curl...

The Doodle twist-out: about 3 days later, the doodles or coils have all softened into pretty delicate waves...I love my hair like this! I get a lot of compliments :)

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