This is compilation of my deeepest thoughts, my shallowest thoughts, my life, and my enlightenment.

A Poet's in the Corner: Intelligence, pt. #2

If I could swim in an ocean of intellect
I'd be so turned on
I'd electrify
Be a constant energy source for charged-up onlookers

Hair-raising, frizzy, frying, personified humidity

Lightning striking down on society

Spitting words like a crazed rapper tells stories
Of grandeur, and glitz, and glamour

I love to fashion my intellect

Sport it in writing

"Can I get that in writing?"

Express that to me.
Verbally or non-verbally.

Ignorance isn't ever bliss.


I knew that.
"Oh really?"

Believe me.
I'm more than serious about this.

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