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Zumba & Flirty Girl Fitness: Let the Sweating Begin!

Usually, my workouts consist of tons of walking (and I mean tons!), yoga, cardio step and dancing, and as a new addition, jump rope workouts. It really helps to switch up my routine and add new types of workouts to not only develop more overall fitness, but to keep me from getting bored.

I love trying new things, as far as fitness is concerned, when I initially heard about Zumba, it peeked my interest. I watched a few videos of Zumba online, and it looked like something that could be fun, so I proceeded to go to Zumba's online website and look up some classes.

I found a class once upon a time, but never was bold enough to go and try it alone.

Ironically, about 2 weeks ago, a good friend of mine brought Zumba up and said she'd like to go to a class. I excitedly replied yes and we made plans to find a local class. We found one about 15 minutes walking distance from my apartment that was open on Saturdays, and proceeded to make plans last Saturday to attend the class.

Wow, did we realize what we were in for?

We got to the class and there were only about three or four girls there...Thank goodness because there weren't as many people to look completely uncoordinated in front of lol. Anyways, we proceeded to go through the class...boy, do you need tons of stamina for Zumba. It's not like being in the club...dancing your heart out and are dancing non-stop for 10 minutes at a time at a pretty fast pace. Now what we didn't know until we got there is that it was a 1-hour combination class between Zumba and Flirty Girl Fitness...BONUS!

But as tired as I was after Zumba (which was hard, but sooooooooo fun!), I didn't know if I could make it through another half hour for Flirty Girl Fitness. So after about a half liter of water, I proceeded to try and make it through Flirty Girl Fitness. It wasn't that it was hard, but as hard as I was sweating, and as tired as my body was, I barely made it through it.

After the class, I was exhausted! I don't think I've worked out that hard in a long time. I walked back home from the class (because the trolley was 2 blocks down the street when I missed it, and I was not running lol), and I might of left my feet somewhere 3 blocks before my house because they definitely fell off lol.

I patted myself on the back, treated myself to a delicious smoothie of mango, pineapple, strawberries, and cantalope, and fell out on my bed.

Four hours of headache later, I realized I should of waited for the trolley because I definitely overexerted myself.


I would love to go to the class again, but its awesome that now I know what I'm in for: a soaked through tank top, burning feet, and exhaustion.

Gotta love fitness! lol

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