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A Curly Girl's: Thoughts on Some Recent Events

I'm love, love, loving Willow Smith. Her voice is robust and edgy and I'm diggin that she's already developed a personal sense of style. Kudos Will & Jada, kudos.

"Whippin My Hair" is a fun, fun song, with plenty of fierce naturals and heads full of bountiful braids, curls, and coils, doing their thing.

Someone compared her to Rih Rih. Sorry, but she may be better, especially with Willow still being so young; all she's gonna do is get better. (No worries, Rih Rih, you're still fly as ever!)

I saw the infamous "Ghetto Fabulous Wig" @ Kohl's. You can read Afrobella's & Luvvie's spiel as well, but in short, here's what I have to say.
I really am just appalled since my hair is so similar to that "ghetto" wig. So many Black women have to constantly deal with the ignorance and dismay that arises when you discuss natural hair, and this is no different. And the fact that they had nerve to put a Caucasian woman in it like having black hair is some sort of "ghetto" costume? I'm done. I could go on for days..

But most importantly let me just say, that the place where they really effed this up is the name. How many exec's sat around to think of this BS? Like if this is supposed to be a part of a 70's costume (which the gold lycra is trying to tell me), then why not call it a 70's wig (which still isn't specific enough), or just what is it, a curly damn 'fro. What is wrong with...ok really, I'm done.

That's it for now. I'm in a mo-blogging mood so if I can get my fingers tapping on my phone, I'll def have something to say!

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  1. I think that wig is just awful! Why would anyone put the word "ghetto" in a product they wanted to sell?

    This is a link to picture of Solange Knowles looking amazing! I like her hair so much better this way than when it was straight. I love it when celebrities rock the natural curl in their hair. Not everyone has to have stick straight blown out hair.