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A Curly Girl's: New Regimen & Products I Love

So, I really am set in not having a set hair routine.  My hair gets bored pretty easily, which tends to yield very sporadic results by using the same products and methods.  Most days I can tell what my hair needs and I pacify it, whether it be a deep treatment, more moisture or oils, or just a low maintenance style.

Well, I was in Rite Aid the week before last and saw a few products on sale that I definitely wanted to try: Garnier Fructis Pure Clean  Fortifying Conditioner and Suave Professionals Conditioner.  Garnier Pure Clean was something that peeked my interest during a commercial since it contained no silicones, parabens, or sulfates, and does not cause build-up in the shower or on the hair. Although I'm not a big advocate of cheapy conditioners (because my hair is crazy thick and I can't get good slip with thin conditioners), a friend of mine with long, thick hair suggested Suave Professionals to me.  Since I know her judgment is as critical as my own when it comes to conditioner, I decided to give Garnier and Suave conditioner a try.

Two weeks ago (the last time I deep treated my hair), I used all the products shown above to make a deep conditioner.  Following an ACV rinse (for more info see this blog: A Curly Girl's: Thoughts on Shampooing & Washing), I added honey for shine and it's humectant properties (it was a rainy day in New York-in which I visited the following day), Garnier Pure Clean, olive oil and coconut oil for it's moisturizing properties, and Suave Humectant for its moisturizing and humectant properties.  I added a dollop of everything and mixed in a bowl and applied it to clean hair and let it sit for an hour.  I then rinsed it and added a little more of both conditioners as a leave-in and styled using my normal drying method.

When I released my hair it was very moisturized and stood up to the weekend rainy weather! Here are some pics below:

At lunch with some friends, shortly after my hair was washed and dried in twists

The following day on my way to hair didn't frizz,
but it did curl up a just can't help itself lol
I love the Garnier because it provides great conditioning and definition without any build-up.  I've been using it for styling and it hasn't weighed my curls down.  The Suave is also nice for styling because it is thick but light, and it definitely helps your hair fight humidity.  Overall, I give both products a thumbs up!

I have not been compensated in any way to review these products.  All responses are merely my opinion.

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