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Happy New Year! Once again, I've taken quite a bit of a hiatus, but I won't apologize since breaks are needed.

I decided I would update everyone on what I've been doing, so you know what I'm doing if this happens again.

Life Update: I'm starting graduate school on Tuesday. I'm very excited! I've decided to get my Master's in Education and get certified in teaching! It took awhile to decide, especially after I got ill following graduation, but now that both feet are planted on the ground, I feel like I've made a great decision that I will continue to be happy about.  I'm probably looking the most forward to my field experience where I'll get to observe in actual classrooms.  Hope to pick up some great pointers and work with some amazing high school science teachers!

Weight Loss & Exercise Update:  I've picked up quite a few pounds over the holidays.  Not that I haven't enjoyed myself, but I'm definitely feeling some tightness in my jeans again.  No worries though. I'm over being depressed about it and have picked up with my Zumba and Pilates class on Tuesdays, and hopefully I'll start working out at home again with some yoga and walking workouts.  I'm hoping to be down my first 10% by March 31, 2012.

Cooking Update: I've been quite the baker lately: I helped my honey make a red velvet cake for his catering event, and I've been baking up a storm at my house.  For Christmas and New Year's I made:  Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with WalnutsPeanut Butter Cup Cookies, and Chocolate Pecan Pie.  Not to mention the Brownies I have cooling in the kitchen- I know I'm definitely explaining those extra pounds.  But all these recipes came out amazing and if you can spare the calories-even if you can't, lol- I'd definitely give them a try.  And just as a tip, my stepkids love the Peanut Butter Cup Cookies so as long as your kids don't have nut allergies, they'll love to help eat and make those.

Hair Update:  This hair has been growing like weeds! When I get a chance, I will post a regimen update, but for the most part, things aren't out of the ordinary.  I started reintegrating shampoo every now and then and I found it didn't do much for my hair so I went back to ACV rinses as soon as I could get my hands on some ACV. I deep condition about once or twice a month, either using my hooded dryer or leaving it in overnight and rinsing in the morning.  I don't always use Yes To Carrots, but have found that I also enjoy Garnier's Pure  Clean Conditioner since it's silicone free and results in my hair having a coily-er texture (totally made that word up lol).  I've been doing mainly twist-outs with rollers on the ends but am DYING to color my hair red. Not just red, but obnoxious in your face red.  I would henna, but that looks like a mess I don't have the patience for just yet.

Well this was pretty long, but let's just say I'm enjoying myself and life.  I have been debating on adding some new features to the blog like occasional outfit posts, but I'll see what I get around too.  Hope your year has been amazing so far!


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